Customised Microsoft Access Databases

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Microsoft Office Power

Access integrates well with other applications included in Microsoft Office. We exploit the power of these applications mainly using a process called automation, run using the VBA programming language from user-friendly database forms.

Combining Word, Excel and Outlook with Access, we give you a great deal of control of your data:


Mail merges can be done, with data from Access inserted into fields in Word templates. Templates can also be used for producing standard letters and documents, e.g. invoices and contracts, enabling you to control formatting. E-mailing and printing can be incorporated with documents saved for subsequent retrieval.


Data can be exported from Access to Excel and vice versa. Excel templates can be used, enabling you to format the spreadsheet, include formulas, summaries and charts (Excel has more charts than Access has, e.g. pivot chart), data being exported into the spreadsheet. You can then print, e-mail, or manipulate the spreadsheet in whatever way you like. Data can also be linked between Access and Excel.


Contact data can be exported from Access to Outlook and vice versa. E-mails can be set up and sent (this can also be done if you use different e-mail software). Mail merges can be done in a similar way to Word but with the results e-mailed. Entries in appointment calendars and journals can be created, as can tasks. If Outlook is used with Exchange, shared folders (calendars, etc.) can be updated.